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Danny was practically born into the plumbing business at the wholesale level, as his dad has been a sales manager for Moen Faucets since the year he was born. After helping with assembling catalog binders since he was old enough to walk, to working counter days at wholesalers by cooking hotdogs and chili, he came to understand the many complexities involved in bathrooms from conception to completion to make a satisfied customer. To that end, Tubs R' Us was created in 1992 by Danny by independently representing a multitude of bathtubs and spa manufacturers in their warranty defects.

After several years of seeing and hearing the many pitfalls of conventional remodeling he set out to find a better, faster way to update bathrooms without the downtime and damage just to install what in most cases was an inferior tub to what was torn out just because it was worn or the wrong color. From this idea his refinishing business was born. By replacing a toilet, vanity, and refinishing existing tubs, tile, or fiberglass units, he was able to give customers an updated bathroom in abut a day while saving customers about 70%. It was and continues to be the strongest part of Tubs R' Us success.

From there, a licensing agreement to carry tub liners and acrylic wall surrounds that are custom formed for a customer?s specific tub was struck and the ability to help customers who had extensive wall damage or wanted the benefits of acrylic and available color matched accessories was still able to be completed in about a day at a tremendous savings of money, time, and mess. With the growing problem of achy knees and backs of the many baby boomers Danny now offers shower conversions and air bath bubbler tubs to his list of services and while this does require tear outs like conventional remodeling we have developed a system of products and services that allow us to complete most any type of complete bathroom remodel in as little as 3 days.

Tubs R' Us has and will always continue to offer the most cutting edge services at a reasonable cost and a professional manor to serve their clients the way we would want to be served. We look forward to helping you complete your dream bath.

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